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Tru Bloodline was established in 2009 as a Christian-based brand producing and promoting a “mixed martial arts lifestyle” line of apparel and is proud to announce TRU BLOODLINE MMA AND FITNESS! A private training facility where you can get fit like a fighter no matter what age or skill level. ¬†Whether you are an MMA competitor or just looking to get in the best shape of your life, we will help and encourage you along your journey.

TBL MMA AND FITNESS offers instruction in a wide array of martial arts and fitness programs to meet all fitness levels when starting out and will work hard with you to meet any goals you make for yourself. We have an ever-evolving schedule that will fit its members’ needs from the early bird to the after-work gym warrior. We also offer great kid programs that focus on mentoring and building up the kid’s social skills, discipline, manners, confidence, pride, integrity and bully prevention techniques. Martial Arts instills a code of conduct that builds people up and sets them up as Champions in life… at Tru Bloodline that’s our mission for you!