Rey Trujillo

MMA Head Coach

Rey Trujillo

Rey Trujillo

Coach: Rey Trujillo

Fitness & MMA Head Coach , Gym Owner 

Rey Trujillo Is the founder of the brand Tru Bloodline and owner and operator at Tru Bloodline MMA & Fitness. The gym was created to be able to take himself and the team of fighters to new heights in their MMA careers. At the same time as being a private training facility for fighters training camps, it still offers fitness and health classes to the general public so they may benefit from the secrets of the pros. Rey Trujillo is a veteran fighter that has competed in over 30 professional fights, and has fought in top organizations such at Strikeforce, Legacy, HERO FC, and so many more around the nation. He uses his past experiences and connections to steer forward the brand, and always has Tru Bloodline’s best interest in accordance with the word of God and Jesus Christ. The TBL brand and team brings awareness that the truest bloodline is Jesus Christ!

Contact Info: 

Cell number: 832-887-4910

Email info: trudachamp@gmail.com

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