October 28, 2023

“DUNAMIS” Weigh-Ins Oct.28th @ROCK’S

October 23, 2023

“DUNAMIS” Mutual Combat Card Oct. 28th @LS Event Center

What a night it’s going to be when the power of I CAN, is on full display…


The only power that comes from above is Dunamis Power when God’s spirit comes to rest on you as stated in Acts 1:8– But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;

Mutual Combat Card (Subject To Change)

135-140lbs: Box- Jordon Rush Bieber (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Donovan McWhorter (Next Level)

130lbs: KB- Jeremiah Porraz (Tru Bloodline) vs Luis Naranjo (Millennium)

 180-185lbs: KB- Brett Malory (Tru Bloodline) vs Barrett Langham (Brazilian Top Team)

190-200lbs: Boxing- Deshawn Williams (SELF Combat) vs Matthew Soto (Tru Bloodline MMA)

145-150lbs: MMA- Jeremy Rayburn (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Kaleb Barkley (Tru Bloodline MMA)

125lbs: KB- Justin Morales (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Leanthony Larry (Millennium)

Youth: KB- Eric Esparza( Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Jason Fuentes (Tru Bloodline MMA)

Yousuf Abbas (Texas Striking Academy) vs Nicholas Hebert (Tru BloodlineMMA)

165-175: MMA- Ivan Murillo (Texas Striking Academy) vs Thomas Muniz (Tru Bloodline MMA)

120-135: KB- David Garza (Millennium) vs Joshua Ceja (Team Ceja)

155- 160lbs: KB- Adan Huerta (Millennium) vs Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline MMA)

160-170lbs: Boxing- Evan French (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Ricardo Beltran (Next Level)

140-150lbs: KB- Jack Roland (Tru Bloodline) vs Bryan Cervantes (Millennium)

160lbs: KB- Johnathan Wittenberg (Galveston MMA) vs Chance Phillips (Tru Bloodline MMA)

160-165lbs: KB- Darrien Swanson (Brazilian Top Team) vs Ethan Weaver (Tru Bloodline MMA)

130-135lbs: KB- Hunter Houston (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Eliseo Garcia  (Millennium)

Hvy: Box- Francisco Hernandez (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Matt Moreno (Texas City Boxing)

Lightweight: MMA- Jeremy Garcia (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Julian Sisco (Tru Bloodline MMA)

Matches are still being added, if you don’t see your name have no fear this card will continue to be updated! Please share this link to promote the event! All Glory To Our King Jesus!!!