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September 18, 2023

“DUNAMIS” October 28th @the LS Event Center


Man-oh-man are you ready to receive? Come and get an exciting night of action-packed competition in MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, and the competitively treacherous Pillow Fighting! Just like you will receive DUNAMIS power when the Holy Spirit falls on you (Act 1:8), the power of I can through The King of Kings! You will get an exhilarating night of fights of all sorts that will bring chills as well!!!

The best of the best in the surrounding Houston and Texas area come in to prove their might and show who is King Of The Ring!!! All surrounding teams and competitors are encouraged to come out and demonstrate “DUNAMIS” Power, THE POWER OF I CAN AND I WILL!!

Be sure not to miss this one, because as crazy as things are in this upside-down world you never know what the future holds unless you are equipped! If you stay ready you will not have to get ready! This is the model and mindset of most competitive fighters, come support some of Texas’s best at “DUNAMIS”!







October 2, 2022


The time is upon us and ” FINAL JUDGMENT” is here! Be a part of this event by attending the live PPV at The Palms beautiful event center from your finger tips, book your next event at this magnificent venue!

“FINAL JUDGMENT” Live Streaming Pay Per View Donation. Take in all the action and support this great cause and your local Super Hero Fighter from the comfort of your home or any smart device! No Refunds as the PPVD is donation-based, all purchases are donations and used for the completion, distribution of this stream, and support of this ministry.


September 16, 2022

“FINAL JUDGMENT” Mutual Combat Card

“FINAL JUDGMENT” Is here and this is an event nobody wants to miss, as this movement is above the rest as we give glory to the Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords Jesus Christ!

At this heroic event, we will be showcasing some of Houston and Texas’s top combat artists in MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing while bringing Kingdom awareness of the ever-accelerated, fastly approaching heavenly Kingdom at the Lovely Palms Event Center on Highway 45 South. Don’t miss out!!!



(subject to change)

170lbs: BJJ- Alec McKinley (Tru BloodlineMMA) vs Albert Wilson (Al MMA)

125-135: KB- Ronaldo Carcamo (Black Sheep) vs Luis Angel (Millennium MMA)

150lbs: Box- Cade Cook (Title) vs Nicholas Hebert (Tru Bloodline)

125-135lbs: KB- Leanthony Larry (Millennium MMA) vs Saul Davis (House Of Dragons)

175-180lbs: Boxing- Deckar Ramon vs Ethan Brown (Tru Bloodline)

130-135lbs: KB- Bryan Cervantes (Millennium MMA) vs Paul Wilson (Huffman MMA) *

150lbs: Kickboxing- Ivan Huerta (MillenniumMMA) vs Ethan Weaver (Tru Bloodline MMA)

155-160lbs: KB- Raymond DuVernay (Millennium MMA) vs Johnathan Wittenberg (Galveston BJJ) *

155-16olbs: MMA- Isiah Garza (Tru Bloodline) vs Myles Johnson ( Texas Karate Academy)

150lbs: Box- Cade Cook (The Steel Fists) vs Nicholas Hebert (Tru Bloodline)

175-180lbs: MMA-Raliegh Childs (4oz MMA) vs John Mcguire (10th Planet) *

185lbs: MMA- Caleb Lowth (Galveston MMA) vs Nano Medellin (Tru Bloodline MMA)*

170lbs: MMA- Joshua Williams (Black Sheep MMA) vs Inmar Alexander (Tru Bloodline MMA) *

140-145lbs: MMA- Mike Grant (Black Sheep MMA) vs Julia Sisco (Tru Bloodline MMA) *

190-195lbs: KB- Roy Moctezuma (Millennium MMA) vs Arturo Chavez (Tru Bloodline MM)

155-165lbs: MMA- Tyriere Mickens (WR4) vs Brian James (Next Level)

155-160lbs: MMA- Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Dylan Havens (Starks MMA)

135lbs: MMA- Roy Smith (Next Level) vs Logan Long (TBL MMA) Mutual Combat Title *

170lbs: MMA- Dylan Lake (Galveston MMA) vs Nick Olivo (Tru Bloodline MMA) *

170lbs: MMA- Joshua Williams (Black Sheep MMA) vs Inmar Alexander (Tru Bloodline MMA) *

115-120lbs: KB- David Garza vs TBD

170lbs: KB- Marion Kent vs TBD

Matches are still being added, if you don’t see your name have no fear this card will continue to be updated! Please share this link to promote the event! All Glory To Our King Jesus!!!

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July 19, 2022

“RISE” July 29th, Mutual Combat Card

Taking home the GOLD in style @”RISE”, as gym teams will be vying for Team Title Belts and Team Title Chains!!! Matches are still being made as registrations are still coming in. Don’t miss a chance to compete in this action-packed night of MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, and Boxing! You can register at the link below to participate in the competition, or secure your seat at the lovely Fountain Blu in Pasadena Texas. Sure to be an exciting night full of competitively explosive bouts with a Heavenly Kingdom Message infused!!!



(subject to change)

140-145: KB- Jesus Armenta (Tru Bloodline) vs Bryan Cervantes (Millennium)

185-195: MMA- Pavel Fingerman (10th Planet ATX) vs Isaiah Young (Tru Bloodline)

125-135: KB- Music Clemons (Tru Bloodline) vs Luis Angel (Millennium)

160-165 MMA-Elijah Gumbs (Tru Bloodline) vs Clark Marshall (Texas Punishment Crew)

150-155: MMA- Ethan Weaver (Tru Bloodline) vs John Roy Newsome (Next Level)

165-175: Boxing- Muhammad Haider Jaffery (INDI) vs John McGuire (10th Planet ATX)

175-180: MMA- Jonathan King (Next Level) vs Arturo Chavez (Tru Bloodline)

155-165: KB- Chris Bushnell (American Freestyle Kickboxing) vs Ivan Huerta (Millennium)

140-145: Boxing Christian Ammons (10th Planet ATX) vs Sean Senegal (Next Level)

170-180: MMA- Jack Austin Harris (Tru Bloodline) vs Christian Ceja (10th Planet)

155-160: MMA- Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline) vs Brian James (Next Level)

12-14 yrs- Austin Heinz (10th Planet ATX) vs Aaron Trujillo (Tru Bloodline)

125-130: MMA- Jay Alderete (Next Level) vs Roshawn Rose (Tru Bloodline)

 185: KB- RoyMoctezuma (Millennium) vs Nick Stoop (10th Planet ATX)

135-145: MMA- Gage Harper (Next Level) vs George Cisneros (Tru Bloodline)

165-170: MMA- Inmar Gomez (Tru Bloodline) vs Raliegh Childs (4oz)

160-165: MMA- Chris Cantu (Tru Bloodline) vs Xavier Kie (Next Level)

170: MMA- Jake Christensen (10th Planet ATX) vs Elijahwa Rose (Tru Bloodline)

205-225 HVY: Boxing- Marcus Hanson (Tru Bloodline) vs Matthew Houston (Kingdom Fights)

Super Hvy: Boxing- Eric Garcia (Tru Bloodline) vs Fred Vincent Zamora (Bulls Gym)

Julian Sisco (TBD)

Matches are still being added, if you don’t see your name have no fear this card will continue to be updated! Please share this link to promote the event! All Glory To Our King Jesus!!!

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FountainBlu Event Center

June 14, 2022

Kingdom Fights Presents: RISE July 29th

Come July 29th @ The Fountain Blu you can catch an exciting night of exhibition combat sports as Kingdom Fights Ministries & Tru Bloodline will be hosting “RISE”! Proverbs 24:16– “though a righteous man falls seven times he shall RISE again,” No matter how many times a righteous man falls that is covered by the blood of Christ you can be sure that he will RISE again!

On display, we will have MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, and even Pillow Fighting in full swing! Kingdom Fights Will be awarding the top 2 or 3 teams with the most competitors, top performances with the largest crowd in attendance with a chance to receive Kingdom Fights Team Championship Title Belts for their gym!

Be sure to register yourself or all team members to participate in this reigning night of warrior action to qualify yourself and possibly the team for victory!

Registration is at KingdomFights.ORG 

Registration Link

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February 22, 2022


Take in all the action of the comfort of your home or any smart device!!!

Thanks for your PPVDonation of “REDEMPTION” @ The Fountain Blu!!!


Event streaming will start between 6:30 and 7:30.



“REDEMPTION” Weigh-Ins @BreWingZ/Feb.24th


Exhibition Weigh-ins

February, 24th @ BreWingz Restaurant

12001 East Fwy. Bldg C
Houston, TX 77029

7:00-8:30 pm

At weigh-ins, we collect needed paperwork answer any questions and make sure the competitor is on agreed-upon weight, or within the weight allowance for competition. The day of weigh-ins will be around 6 on Friday, but I encourage the day before weigh-ins attendance if competing, for good practice and needed re-nourishment. (details listed below)



(subject to change)

135-140: MMA- Aguilar Ley (TXO Academy) vs Gage Harper (Next Level)

155-165: KB- Ian Selby (10th Planet ATX) vs Bryan Cervantes (Millennium)

170175: Bjj- Ezekiel Miller(10th Planet ATX) vs Alec Mckinley (Tru Bloodline)

130-135: KB- Angel Pulido (House Of Dragons) vs Derek Tran (10th Planet ATX)

185-190: KB- Arturo Chavez (Tru Bloodline) vs Sean Babitt (10th Planet ATX)

170-175: MMA- Cameron Gould (10th Planet Atx) vs Inmar Gomez (Tru Bloodline)

12-14 yrs- Austin Heinz (10th Planet ATX) vs Aaron Trujillo (Tru Bloodline)

145: MMA- Steven Alexander (Next Level) vs Noah Beaty (Tru Bloodline)

145-155: MMA- Gavin Groba (Tru Bloodline) vs Jonathan Breitkreuz (House Of Dragons)

155: MMA- Cade Foradory (10th Planet ATX) vs Malik McGee (Team Leek)

150-155: MMA- Roy Edwards (Furia) vs Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline)

155-160MMA- Xavier Kie (Next Level) vs Jace Bryan (10th Planet ATX)

125-130: MMA- Jay Alderete (Next Level) vs Jason Ware (House Of Dragons)

145-150: MMA- Jack Roland (Tru Bloodline) vs Dylan Spyer (10th Planet ATX)

170-180: Box- Inmar Gomez (Tru Bloodline) vs Jake Christensen (10th Planet ATX)

155-160: MMA- Edward Romero (TXO Outlaws) vs Brian James (Next Level)

170: KB- Chris Bushnell (A.F.K.) vs Ian Selby (10th Planet ATX)

145-155: MMA- Caleb Kraft (10th Planet) vs Sam Borghese (Tru Bloodline)

155: MMA- Mike Zarate (Team Zarate) vs Johnny Alverez (Tru Bloodline)

145-150: KB- Andrew Carvajal (10th Planet ATX) vs Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline)

195-205: Box- Arturo Chavez (Tru Bloodline) vs Preston Maddox (10th Planet ATX)

Super Hvy: Box- Cameo Baker (Tru Bloodline) vs Juan Torres (Hit City Boxing)

Matches are still being added, if you don’t see your name have no fear this card will continue to be updated! Please share this link to promote the event! All Glory To Our King Jesus!!!

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BreWingZ Location Link