October 26, 2023

“DUNAMIS” Mutual Combat WEIGH-INS @

Mutual Combat Weigh-ins 

2416 Bay Area Blvd Suite E, Houston, TX 77058

At weigh-ins, we collect needed paperwork, answer any questions, and ensure the competitor is on agreed-upon weight, or within the weight allowance for competition. The weigh-ins will be around 7 pm on Friday, I encourage the day before weigh-ins attendance if competing, for professionalism and re-nourishment. Also, we can get good face-off photos! (details listed below)

Mutual Combat Card (Subject To Change)

135-140lbs: Box- Jordon Rush Bieber (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Donovan McWhorter (Next Level)

130lbs: KB- Jeremiah Porraz (Tru Bloodline) vs Luis Naranjo (Millennium)

 180-185lbs: KB- Brett Malory (Tru Bloodline) vs Barrett Langham (Brazilian Top Team)

190-200lbs: Boxing- Deshawn Williams (SELF Combat) vs Matthew Soto (Tru Bloodline MMA)

145-150lbs: MMA- Jeremy Rayburn (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Kaleb Barkley (Tru Bloodline MMA)

125lbs: KB- Justin Morales (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Leanthony Larry (Millennium)

Youth: KB- Eric Esparza( Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Jason Fuentes (Tru Bloodline MMA)

Yousuf Abbas (Texas Striking Academy) vs Nicholas Hebert (Tru BloodlineMMA)

165-175: MMA- Ivan Murillo (Texas Striking Academy) vs Thomas Muniz (Tru Bloodline MMA)

120-135: KB- David Garza (Millennium) vs Joshua Ceja (Team Ceja)

155- 160lbs: KB- Adan Huerta (Millennium) vs Isaiah Garza (Tru Bloodline MMA)

160-170lbs: Boxing- Evan French (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Ricardo Beltran (Next Level)

140-150lbs: KB- Jack Roland (Tru Bloodline) vs Bryan Cervantes (Millennium)

160lbs: KB- Johnathan Wittenberg (Galveston MMA) vs Chance Phillips (Tru Bloodline MMA)

160-165lbs: KB- Darrien Swanson (Brazilian Top Team) vs Ethan Weaver (Tru Bloodline MMA)

130-135lbs: KB- Hunter Houston (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Eliseo Garcia  (Millennium)

Hvy: Box- Francisco Hernandez (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Matt Moreno (Texas City Boxing)

Lightweight: MMA- Jeremy Garcia (Tru Bloodline MMA) vs Julian Sisco (Tru Bloodline MMA)