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January 3, 2019


Maybe this will help you get in gear for the New Year, don’t let 2019 pass you by and you not reach your fitness and health goals again!

Right now at Tru Bloodline get a week of training and a free TBL T-shirt all just for 25.00 bucks! Yep, you heard right… 7 days of coached classes in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, BJJ and strength and conditioning! The full Tru Bloodline schedule with fun and exhilarating workouts is at your fingertips, don’t miss this great opportunity and once in a lifetime deal!!!

Call now to get more details or set up what time is best for you!

November 14, 2017

FREE Is Good!!!

When you sign up with Tru Bloodline MMA & Fitness you get the tools to sharpen your skills and see the fitness and health results you desire! Right now for a limited time when you join you get a pair of FREE 16 oz Gameness striking gloves, which are perfect for the Boxing, and Kickboxing classes, durable and a perfect fit, these gloves will help you claim the new you. As if that isn’t enough, you will also get a complimentary TBL draw-string bag,  new Tru Bloodline shirt and a pair of Combat Sports 180″ hand wraps!

Don’t let this monumental deal pass you by, you deserve to be the person you know deep down inside is within! With a knowledgeable staff to guide you to great fitness and health, the present time is now!!!

March 28, 2017

It’s Back… Gladiator Buddy Pass!!!

The time is upon us and spring is in full swing! Don’t wait for summer to catch you on your butt, become the one you desire!!!

The Gladiator Buddy Pass is back! You and a mate can go half on a monthly membership and get that jump started motivation that you need to get in gear. For the price of one membership, two people can take full advantage of the Tru Bloodline schedule, Or you can bring a different mate every time you come! It’s an affordable deal that is waiting on you.

Whether you feel like becoming a complete martial artist or looking to lose weight and gain muscle, Tru Bloodline is the place to be to become a lean machine! The Gladiator Buddy pass is the fit for you,  TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!

Just $80.00 a month with no contract.
Call to sign up or for more details!!!

February 3, 2017

Tru Bloodline Super Bowl Party!


Well everyone will be in attendance for this game in some form or fashion, especially since it’s in our own great backyard of Houston, Tx! So whether you have your own Super Bowl party, attending one, watching it solo or with the family. Chances are you will be tuning in on television for the New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons! Unless your one of the super fortunate that’s in audience inside NRG Stadium, or the massive turnout in and around NRG, you wanna be in the Super Bowl mix!!!

Tru Bloodline is throwing a Super Bowl Party you don’t wanna miss, if you’re lacking plans, the TBL gym is the place to be!!! The game will be projected in HD with stereo surround sound, and prior to the game we will be pre-gaming it up with popular past UFC events. We will have plenty of food and drinks of all sorts 😉 On the menu we will have hot dogs, burgers and snacks. You can purchase the limited edition TBL shirt for $25.00, first come first served as there will only be 25 shirts total!

Suggested donation for the event is $10.00 to watch & $10.00 to eat. Come one, come all, invite your friends and family for this adventurous night and action packed game! Don’t get caught with nowhere’s to go or out on the busy streets due to the game being in our city home town!

 Tru Bloodline MMA

Teams: AFC champion New England Patriots vs. NFC champion Atlanta Falcons

When: Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston

Time: Kickoff is 6:30 p.m. ET

TV: Fox


January 27, 2017

A New Year = A New You!!!

2017 is here and a new you is waiting!!! Have you tried in the past to work out and lose weight, maybe be healthier and lean out. Well to see any results you must have something that will help you stick to a more healthy life style, if results is what you truly desire. Fitness does not come easy to everyone and the older we get, it becomes harder and harder to keep up our health and youthful physiques.

Most people just don’t know what to do or even where to begin. At Tru Bloodline MMA & Fitness you will learn from the pros and get one on one coaching and instruction that will guarantee the results that you dream of. From an array of Mix Martial Arts and Strength & Conditioning classes there’s bound to be a time and class that will fit your schedule and interest.

Call for more info and ask about our specials!!!!


December 8, 2016

Holiday Love!!!




Join the fastest growing workouts in the world!!! Take your health and fitness to new heights by doing the same workouts that professional martial artist and combative champions do on the regular, to maintain there superior shape, and level of fitness so that they can peak in their performances!

You too can take your daily life and routine to peak performances by taking advantage of this Tru Bloodline MMA Holiday Special!!! For just $150.00 you get 3 months, a whole 90 days to jump start your heath and fitness, with perfect timing to cruise into the New Year like a pro!!! With an array of classes and full schedule we can meet all your needs and future goals.

This Deal Applies To Kids As Well!!!