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September 12, 2020

KO-COVID Sept. 26th Exhibition Fight Card

The fight card is subject to change. We have a few competitors that have registered that are still needing match-ups, as the registrations come in we will match and release the updated matches. Thank you!

Fight Card (subject to change)

Travis Provence (TBL) vs Remy Tienjia (10th Planet Austin)- 175lbs Male MMA

Eastin Cripps (Furia) vs Tshaka Curtis (10th Planet Austin)- 185-190lbs Male Kickboxing

Russell Harvey (TBL) vs Kendrick Lamar Holloway (Main Street)-Heavyweight Male

Jonathan Kinsky (TBL) vs Cade Foradory (10th Planet)- 150-160lbs Male MMA

Ethan Brown (TBL) vs Jake Christensen (10th Planet Austin)- 175-180lbs Boxing

Casen Bury (TBL) vs Elvin Stephens (Anzelone BJJ)- 185lbs Male MMA

Nick Olivo (TBL) vs Christian Cej (10th Planet Austin- 165lbs Male MMA

Chance Phillips (TBL) vs Christian Ammons (10th Planet Austin)-145lbs Male MMA

Eastin Cripps (Furia) vs Tshaka Curtis (10th Planet Austin)- 185-190lbs Male Kickboxing

 Eric Down (TBL) vs Lee Roy Charles (W4R)- 190-215lbs Male MMA

Casen Bury (TBL) vs Elvin Stephens (Anzelone BJJ)- 185lbs Male MMA

Marcus Maxwell (TBL) vs Jonathan King (Next Level)-170-175lbs Male MMA

 Aaron Wagner (Oracle MMA) vs Genaro Barrientos (EvoFight)-140-150lbs Male Kickboxing

Thomas Muniz (Hurt/TBL) vs Akram Gharib (10th Planet Austin)- 155lbs Male MMA

Josh Hale (W4R) vs Apipol Pinman (10th Planet Austin)- 130-145lbs Male MMA

Logan Long (TBL) vs Moises Oropeza (10th Planet Austin)- 130lbs Male MMA

Jarrett Bailey (W4R) vs Nick Sherry (10th Planet Austin)- 165-170lbs Male MMA

 Quintin Brown (Team Ceja) vs Mason Meador (Furia)- 170-175lbs Male Kickboxing

Christian Dominguez (Hurt) vs Chris Cantu (Evo Fight KA)- 150-155lbs Male MMA

Mia Grawe (W4R) vs Jorge Solis (Evo Fight)- 135lbs Kickboxing

Madison Guinn (W4R) vs TBD

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August 19, 2020


Tru Bloodline MMA & Fitness along with T&T Youth Program and Sponsors Present KO-COVID!!! September 26th at the Fountain Blue on Spencer Highway is where the family exhibition fights will take place. We will be showcasing MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, and BJJ!

At this event will not only give aspiring combat artists a stage to perform on to test one’s skills and progression in their specific art. It will also bring awareness to the community of the virus and how to combat it to win the fight. Faith over Fear is our message and key weapon portrayed in this battle, that we will highlight and focus on in said event to bring back hope and life into the Houston community and our competitors! Proceeds will also go to T&T Youth Program which will be creating Gym Scholarships for Texas At-Risk Youth for Tru Bloodline and other affiliated gyms or businesses. 

By participating in this event in some form or fashion you will receive a KO-COVID COMBAT PACK! What is that you ask? It’s your countermeasures to combat the virus and spread Faith Over Fear the message and theme of the event! The inside of the Combat pack will include the KO-COVID graphic tee and combat fighting essentials: like sanitizer, rubber gloves, mask, even quarantine reading materials!


Entry to the event is a minimum donation of 35.00 for presale and 40.00 at the door.

PPV Broadcast is 35.00


Competitors Register Here!!!